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Sponsoring Leadership Training Conferences in Honduras
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Why do we do missions?

In an article of Leadership magazine on evangelism, the thought was presented "If Jesus showed up in your town, what would He be doing?" But the reality is that Jesus is already in our cities and towns, and we are invited to participate with Him in a caring, devoted and nurturing ministry to all those that seek God and to the community at large.

The various ministries of the church are carried out by people who have a strong desire to know God better and to make Him known. And it is His love for us, which also lives in us, that compels us to love one another. We love Him, because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).

What a joy to participate in His ministry! There are many ways to get involved through prayer, encouragement, in participation and support. Here are some of our mission projects:


Congregation Sponsors April 2011 Mexico Conference

conference in Mexico

The Vancouver congregation recently helped sponsor a conference for our church leaders in Mexico. Purpose of conference was to train pastors and leaders in Mexico.
Topics covered were: biblical hermeneutics, training and multiplication of leaders, ministries and churches, development of talents & gifts, government registration of church, mission with God by living and sharing the gospel, development of fruit. Conference participants expressed their gratitude appreciation for the sponsoring of the event.
Click here for conference photos.


Congregation Sponsors 2011 Honduras Conference

   The Vancouver congregation recently used some of its excess funds to sponsor a conference for our church leaders in Honduras and El Salvador. The conference helped provide leadership training to our leaders in those area. Attached are some photos from the conference. Click here for photos.


Beacon Hill Academy

BHA is a unique institute located in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. It is a cross between a liberal arts college and a vocational school and was established in 2003 by members Matt and Rebecca Baker. Having served in the area many years ago, while still students at the church's college in the U.S., Matt and Rebecca felt a calling to return with their young family in order to make higher education available free-of-charge to young people from all levels of society in the upcountry region. The mission of the school was, and continues to be, to enable the students to make a positive difference in their communities as well as to provide with the education to acquire employment. Course offerings include computer training, literature, speech training, ethics.

The Bakers returned to Canada with their family in 2009, handing over the daily running of the school to a well trained and indigenous staff. Being located in Canada provides them the with ability to more effectively ensure that the funds necessary for the Academy to continue offer a free education to the poorer members of society can continue to be supplied.

Our congregation has supported BHA from its inception and we continue to provide financial support to this unique school. For more information please contact: www.beaconhillacademy.org


Bengali Evangelical Association

Bengali Evangelical Association group photoThe Bengali Evangelical Association was founded in 1986 by church elder, John Biswas, as a Christian missionary organization. Its goal is to serve the poor and destitute of Bangladesh motivated by the love of Christ and in the process make available to them the gospel of Jesus Christ. BEA's many activities include: : distributing Bibles, training and supporting native missionaries, planting churches, training nurses and health care workers and providing free health care and support to the poor.  Our congregation has provided major funding to this ministry to assist them in demonstrating the love of Christ in this predominantly Muslim country.

March 2010
Dear Friend,

I want to thank you deeply for your prayers for my safety during my January 2010 mission trip to Bangladesh. I arrived back in California in good health and spirits. I express my thanks to God for his mercy during my mission field visit.

I am grateful to report that our Bangladesh mission gospel workers and their families and also all our members are in good health and doing inspiring work for their own communities which glorifies Jesus. I am most grateful to you for your prayers and support for the Bangladesh mission work.

I have seen amazing accounts of empowerment when people have God's words - their lives are changed. One of the young local men, Biplop, said, "I heard of Jesus Christ's name but he did not have much impact on my life. However, when I heard the gospel truth for the first time through contact with a local native gospel worker who expounded on God's boundless love, it changed my life, and I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour." This is solely the Holy Spirit's empowerment needing your on-going prayer.

These are the ongoing projects and programs of BEA.

  • Bible School
  • Church Planting and Outreach
  • Training Native Gospel Workers
  • Literature Printing and Distribution
  • Elementary School for Poor Children
  • Nurse's-aides Training School
  • Self-help Goat Program
  • Self-help Bakery Program

Our congregation has provided financial assistance to this ministry over the years. For more information contact: www.bengalimission.org


The Oyango Tribe, Philippines

Read the latest update:

Our Prince Rupert member, Goychi Mulleda, and her husband, Cecilio, have dedicated themselves in their retirement years to serving and assisting the Oyango Tribe, and especially their children, in order to help give them a "hand up" out of their poverty. In the Philippines, Ricardo Perez Goychi's brother-in-law has joined them in their vision.

Through lack of income most of the families are not able to afford the cost of school materials for their children to pursue an education. But education is one of the main ways by which the tribe can eventually become self-supporting by their children growing up and become employable. Providing them with the help they need is part of the programme, but also the Mulleda's are seeking to purchase land to enable the members of the tribe to grow produce, not only for themselves but also as a source of income for the entire tribe.

The Mulleda's ministry is not an official charity but a ministry born out of compassion for the circumstances in which she saw the members of the Oyango Tribe suffering. Each year we dedicate our Incarnation Celebration offerings collected by our Vancouver and Prince George congregations to help the people of the Oyango tribe become educated and self-supporting.

More information is available about the tribe and the project to help them from the website: www.agtabicol.org. Also Goychi can be contact by email at: cecilgoychi@yahoo.ca

group of African children

GCI Canada African Missions Outreach

On the African continent many independent groups seek affiliation with a denomination for added accountability, support in ministry and leadership development. One such group is in the Zambese province of Mozambique. Grace Communion International hosted a conference to discuss the affiliation process and development of ministries for the 60 Mozambiquan congregations and funding for this process was raised in Canada.

Each year spiritual retreats are held for women. These weekends away give women who are facing tremendous challenges in life and opportunity to find physical rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Grace Communion International supports these retreats with financial support, clothing and medical supplies. Some our Canadian ladies have been privileged to travel and join in worship and celebration with their African sisters.fundraising

Funding for spreading the Gospel in Africa is in short supply.  Many congregations have to be creative in raising funds to support their evangelism efforts and Grace Communion International Canada was able to support the congregations in Zambia by offering items sewn by the ladies of the Lusaka congregation to local congregations in Canada for donations towards the mission of Jesus Christ in Zambia.

Grace Communion International has several congregations in refugee camps in Africa. Refugees in these camps find it hard to meet the needs of daily life. We are able to send funds to help with food and supplies to one of these congregations.Roger Labelle

The need for leadership in the Church in Africa is key. Many of the pastors in Africa are bi-vocational, working a full-time job and pastoring a congregation, and Grace Communion International is intent on supporting these wonderful servants of God. As often as funding allows, pastoral conferences are held to assist these men and women in their development in their pastoral roles. GCI Canada is a enthusiastic supporter of these pastoral training seminars.

Grace Communion International has many congregations in French-speaking Africa. Canada was able to send Roger Labelle, one of our French speaking pastors to assist with translation and pastoral training in the Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo.African boy and girl

Each year, camps and youth retreats are held in Africa. South Africa holds camp every and camps are held as funding permits in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Madagascar. Funding from Canada enables many young Africans who are disadvantaged to attend and participate in wonderful spiritual retreats.


Friendly faces at church outreach

2010 Mexico Mission Trip - Being a Blessing and Being Blessed

In the wee hours of Saturday, March 6, 9 teens and 4 adults loaded into 2 mini vans and started the long drive to Maneadero, Baja, Mexico. By Monday morning we crossed the Mexican border, eager to begin our mission and fulfill our theme scriptures, "Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand", and "Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God" (Phil. 2:4, 16, The Message).

It was a busy and exhilarating week! We helped care for underprivileged children at the Guarderia Dios Proveera Christian daycare, cleaning them, playing, feeding, changing dirty diapers, and helping clean the facilities and equipment. This daycare was founded in October 2009 by Claire & Wayne Wagner, Canadians who have served as missionaries in Mexico for 8 years. Children who would otherwise be left at home alone in unsanitary and unsafe conditions while their parents work have been chosen to attend the daycare free of charge, receiving love, care, and food in the name of our loving God. Already several families have started attending the local church as a result of this outreach.

Church construction

Our team assisted in mixing and pouring concrete for the altar area and front portion of a floor in an unfinished church building. The building only has walls - no floors, no windows, no doors - and the members used it until the rainy spring created so much mud they had to move to a much smaller adjacent room. Funds for the concrete were provided by the Vancouver congregation. The team also helped remove some wooden structures that had been built on the roof in preparation for another church group that will come in September to build classrooms with steel girders. We were so inspired by the Mexican workers we helped, especially Pastor Isaac, who jumped right in with mixing and smoothing the concrete, working long after we left for the day.

Our mission also included a visit to the desperately poor residents of a work camp. Wealthy farmers invite hills people to move to the town, promising them work and a place to live. When the people arrive, however, they discover that their accommodations are only a single 10x10 foot room in a row of these "houses", with no floors, no power, no lights, no running water, no washrooms. Most sleep huddled on the dirt floors with their clothes piled on top of them to keep warm, paying $40 per month for rent. They may only work a couple of days per week for $10 per day, yet the farmer doesn't allow them to find work elsewhere or he'll throw them on the streets. The farmer has a store next to the camp where the people buy their food, and he allows them to buy on credit, so many are hopelessly indebted.Church outreach to Mexican children

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we assembled care packages to distribute to these Mexicans. After an encouraging sermon from Pastor Isaac and some songs, we handed out gift bags to the children, and sanitary items such as razors, soap, combs, nail clippers, toothbrushes, etc. to each family. We also distributed some hats and clothing. Even the empty cardboard boxes we had were much desired. We played games with the children and had a rousing soccer match on the dirt road.

Pastor Isaac and his church host an outreach to the poor children in Maneadero, serving both physical and spiritual food every Saturday morning. Since we were there, the church rented a bouncy castle and hired a troupe of clowns as well, and called it a fiesta. We put Canadian tattoos on many of the 120 children in attendance, gave gifts and participated in the worship music as well as the clown's show.

The show culminated in an encouraging salvation message and altar call, which most of the children participated in, on the freshly poured concrete floor rather than the mud.

Our nightly devotions gave context to our experiences, and reminded us of our faithful God who loves all his children. The youth pastor, Dante, told us he that he was inspired by the example of our teens to wholeheartedly continue in his journey as a disciple of Christ. On Wednesday, March 17 we returned to Canada, having been a blessing and being so blessed by the mission trip and those we encountered along the way. This is not the end - it's the beginning of a mission-focused life - and it was unanimous, everyone wants to return next year! Click here for more photos.